About Us

Mr & Mrs. "Jimmy"

When you put family & God first, He will take care of the rest.

Jimmy was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At 12 years old, he woke up every day at 3am to be at his family bakery making freshly baked bread. Since then, Jimmy has always loved to cook and continued working at the family business throughout his early life. He met his wife to be, Evelyn, who was also born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and they were married shortly before embarking to Tulsa in 1990. Since leaving New York, Jimmy dreamed of opening up a New York pizzeria here in Green Country and was finally able to make that dream a reality in July of 2017.

Lil "Jimmy" and Cindy

Jimmy’s New York Pizzeria is a family owned and operated business. Jimmy and Evelyn work the pizzeria with their two children, Cindy and Julio Armando (Lil Jimmy). Cindy attended Victory Christian School before graduating from Oral Roberts University. Since then, she has enjoyed serving patients at St. Francis Hospital. Julio Armando also graduated from Victory Christian School and attended Oral Roberts University before beginning to work full-time at the family business.

Josh Gardner

Josh (the soon-to-be son in law) is also part of the family business. He met Cindy at ORU where he graduated with his bachelors degree, and ultimately, his MBA in May of 2017. Josh enjoys working with his bride-to-be Cindy and looks to become an official member of the family in June 2018.